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Do you value efficiency?  Do you want to live longer? Do you want to be healthier?  We do.  We believe in building efficiency into all aspects of our practice.  We believe that the human body is the most efficient system in the world and its ability to heal, adapt, move, and manipulate the sum of its parts is incredible.  We believe at the core of keeping an efficient body is an active lifestyle.  Medical, sociological, and psychological research, just to name a few, have shown us that an active lifestyle is the key to avoiding many of life’s greatest challenges.  Exercise and physical activity have been proven to:

  • Decrease our risks for cardiovascular disease

  • Improve our body’s ability to heal

  • Decrease childhood and adult obesity

  • Increase digestive health,

  • Decrease anxiety and depression,

  • Improve the quality of life for those recovering from cancer



These are just a few of the many benefits both in research and anecdotally of physical activity and exercise.  Through research our treatment plans for low back pain, post-operative rehabilitation, chronic sprains and strains; have all moved from recommendations of rest to recommendations of early movement and exercise.  There are many more attributes to physical activity and exercise that span the spectrum of disease prevention, healing, and improving overall quality of life. 


At Five Star Sports Rehab and Physical Therapy, we use the tools of physical therapy, movement science, knowledge and understanding of the processes of orthopedics, neurology, and physiology to improve the way we all function. 


By improving the efficiency of each individual’s movement, the efficiency of healing, and the efficiency of your body; we will help you get back to an active lifestyle and thus improve your overall health.  We believe that physical therapy is more than just hands on treatments and exercise prescription; but it is creating a coaching, supporting, teaching, and fostering environment to improve the overall efficiency of your body and optimize movement.  We believe in using the latest research and evidence based models to help you recover with less complications, less return to PT visits, and an improved sense of confidence.  We believe in creating a health system that takes out the stress of managing your medical care, by efficiently working with you through the process and tailoring your care to your financial and scheduling needs.


We are teaming up with Teamworks to create programs that improve the efficiency of how our kids, our active adults, and our athletes move, train, and foster the active lifestyle.  We believe that focusing on efficiency in how we care for our patients, the programs we create, the community involvement we provide, and the resources we use, will reduce the overall costs and toll healthcare is taking on our body’s financial, emotional, and physical resources. 


Why Five Star?  Because we value efficiency and we believe that the value of an active lifestyle cannot be ignored.


The value of an active lifestyle is infinite.

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